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Speed Hack False Positives


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might wanna check the internet speed ya got then could be that its to bad compared to the other people and giving it a false positive to the server itself like during the day people have crap connection in some games this also makes them better at dpsing if its based on there speed vs the boss. like how some shooters have the best for the shooter if the shooters ping is cray high if on hise end he can see someone but due to the fast internet speed of hise target there long gon the shooter can still hit the player behind cover....

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1 hour ago, Tarvin said:

Could you elaborate on what that is?

It is literally when packets are lost in transit from point A to point B. If you are on WI-fi, this could be happening quite frequently. There can be disturbances from other frequencies, such as microwaves being turned on, or just actual physical objects moving and blocking the signals.

If you aren't on wifi, then I don't know what to tell you, but you can press f5 or ~ to open the console, and type 'stat net' for the network statistics to open, and you can look at in/out loss there. The same command removes the stats.

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