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Just some positivity: Thanks to devs and community


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Hey guys and gals!

RenX is going through some rough times currently, but I don't want to waste my words on the current state of things. I just want to do a positive shout-out to the people who develop the game and to the community as a whole.

If memory serves me right I first played RenX somewhen in 2015 - I think it was winter. It was definitely Beta3. Since then I've spent countless hours on the game and RenX is only one of two games I still play on a regular basis. 
Never before have I stayed with a game for such a long time and never before have I felt that I became good at a game and be somewhat embedded into a community. It gives me a sense of achievement. ;)

So what is so special about this that I tell you about it? In these 6 years many things have happened in my life. I changed jobs twice, an important relationship broke up, I had to move away from my home unwillingly and suffer(ed) from it, had a fucking burnout, had a generally rough year, got half burnout again and only recently I kind of made peace with a couple of things and feel better overall.

I don't want to turn this into a therapy session but I find it kind of impressive that RenX and the community stayed with me all this time. It's not like RenX saved my life or something BUT it always gives me a good time and while I play the game I completely forget the world around me and a little weight is taken of my shoulders. RenX is my little fun-time-go-to-game. Even if I can't do anything else I can boot up my PC and meet some people I can have fun with even tough it's just virtually.

So, to all the people who invest time, money, energy and passion into RenX while living their own real-lifes: Keep going.
At least for me you are doing a marvellous job and have a small but important impact on my life.

Thanks. :)❤️


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