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[Level] CNC-Ash [Infantry Only Map]


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CNC-Ash [Infantry Only Map]

Original Creator: HappyConscript


CNC-Ash, one of Renegade X' unreleased official maps finally seeing the light of day! Similair to CNC-Valley, this map only features a Power Plant and Barracks / Hand of Nod. It also features 4 capturable Silo's, 2 of them pre-captured in the bases. The side entrances of the base are covered by energy shields, so you're pretty safe behind those. Also be careful not to fall into the Tiberium water, located in the middle of the two bases.


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey Community,


A couple days ago I announced in my Valley post that there would be another (unreleased) map coming out soon. And soon is today! I'm pleased to announce that CNC-Ash is finally available to play in Skirmish with just one single click on the download button. After we scrapped Valley from the base game, it was obvious that Ash would never make the official rotation. So after catching dust for too long, we've finally decided to share this with the community instead of keeping it internally. The community are our fans and they deserve to see stuff we've never shared before. With that being said, I have only one thing to see and that is:





The map does not have a minimap or preview image at the moment because the required package is already present in the base game. Overriding the package will cause you not to be able to join any multiplayer server because of a package version mismatch error.


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