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[Level] CNC-Valley [Infantry Only Map]


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  • Totem Arts Staff

CNC-Valley [Infantry Only Map]

Original Creator: HappyConscript


What was once a part of the base game, is now available for download! We're re-introducing you to the beautiful nature of CNC-Valley. Capture the Silo's that are spread across the map for an income boost and grab yourself your favourite infantry unit for some intense infantry battles.


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey Community!


Yes, it is finally back! We're pleased to re-introduce you to CNC-Valley, the return of the infantry battles. The reason why we took the map out of the base game is because we figured out infantry only map weren't as successful as in OG Renegade. Yet, there was still love for this map and that's why we decided to make this map available for download here on our website.

Nothing has changed since the last time you've played. We've respected the design of the map how it is.  I hope with the release on the download page, we've given this map some justice for being available for the community. Also, stay tuned because there is another unreleased map coming out really soon on our website.





The map does not have a minimap at the moment because the required package is already present in the base game. Overriding the package will cause you not to be able to join any multiplayer server because of a package version mismatch error.


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