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SBH secondary

Leader Bee

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The silenced UZIs (I think they're still UZIs unless they've been replaced) are a weapon most people tend not to hear when it's being used, it's effective up close on someone you catch out by surprise as it doesn't have long range and usually people use it on anyone standing at the terminals when rushing and infiltrating inside a building so not to make a lot of noise. They're also used to assassinate people outside buildings. The main weapon is still more effective against infantry and light vehicles if you can aim and has much longer range, but they instantly draw a lot of attention because of the noise and many people understand how threatening an SBH can be in groups against buildings. Rowboat's tip about switching weapons instead of reloading is also good at times.

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The SMG is often the first weapon I use to assasinate (open fire) with. I try to hit all bullets into the head of an enemy that has Flak armor type. When you do it correctly, you have the kill and nobody hears your shots. Trying the same with the very loud SBH main laser rifle will make all nearby tanks turn their turrets in your direction.

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5 hours ago, Leader Bee said:

Just a quickie; is there any instance that i would want to use the sbh smg when the laser has infinite ammo? Its not clear if the smg does more damage or has some kind of different profile that would make it the preferred choice in some situations?

You can shoot a tanks repairs and the tanker won't even realise their reps are dead (or being attacked) until after they've just slated their own team for 'abandoning' them in the field

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