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The Best of Each Map


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Hello Community!

Today we are here to ask for your feedback and opinions on your top-picked maps you have voted for. It is important for us to gather information from you guys to have a better understanding on what you think, and what you think is best.


  1. Walls


  2. Islands


  3. Field X


  4. Lakeside


  5. Xmountain


With the top-picked maps you have voted on, we are curious to know why you have chosen these Renegade X maps and to what makes you think they are the best.

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For me, Lakeside is the best map, as due to the 2 silos and the separated inf path and the multitude of other paths you always have the chance to win it. (regardless of lost buildings)

You are newer truly locked in base and can always get back in game.
In general, i like maps with multiple paths like Walls, Field X, Eyes..

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anyway 1st. i like field x due to it being somewhat a bigger map versions of the normal field so it leaves more ways to attack the enemy bases of. wouldent oppose if the map gets bigger. there is 1 thing i dislike about it tho the tunnel to the pp's that would be awesome if it also had a way for smaller vehicle's to enter think of 2 non destroyable captureable turrets between gdi and nod on that path way a mammoth tank wont fit in them any other vehicle would just fit right in there.the water of the waterfall is also fun to jump of of because if ya time it right ya can easily disapear without being spotted without using the parachute.

2nd.lakeside due to it having both acces to air and ground+a big battlefield that ya can both play on the high ground and the low ground. with a sneaky pathway for stanks to be usefull when they succeed in getting over safely to harras the vehicle's. the 2 silos also help with more credit income. other then that crate spawn wonderfull 1 in the sneaky path. 4 on the mountain itself 2 on the low ground and then the unwanted ones 1 in the inf path and 1 up the hill on the inf path. ya also have due to transport a cheesy way to kill of the ref hand/barracks then with apache's the wf. 

3th. island one sucks that island x is not here but for me its the swimming aspect of it. ya have acces to water when ya get a hover mrls of the crates in this map oh boy ya gonna have so much fun. because ya hover over the water on island x its more fun tho. 1 thing i dislike about is the crate spawns the crates should be in more open vehicle ground the tunnels themself have like 5+1 extra in field on closed crates. with 2 crates being in the open. on island  its more irritating with crates because ya keep the 2 vehicle crates but have like 14 different crappy spawn crates.....

4th is xmountain i mainly like the map due to the 4 vehicle crates and every time i play this it reminds me of the awesome halloween version of it. its very easy to baselock on this map. then with mrls or artllery to baselock the inf path 24/7 also so ya could on this map easily just demoralize the team into surrendering+its easy for sbh's to go in and there is some cheesy spots to do something.

 5th is just a thing i would see to see in future or current maps an abandonded or warpt in helipad titans/wolverine's already exists so why not include some other vehicle's from firestorm in them or more armored orca's apache's from these helipads like armored apache/armored orca x1.5x different armor more rocket reach. 








ofcourse walls would win............... crappy map to small. ways to improve the map is to add some defences what they did to the renegade servers at some point like 2 turrets at the base entrance then 1 turret on ea tunnel entrance. to guard against early sbh or other inf rushes meaning ya need some  time to destroy them. gunner rushes/rocket rushes would still be deadly tho mostly for gdi against nod when they controll the hill.

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1. Walls X when? (In all honesty, I'm not a big fan of this map, cuz the battle is mostly for the plateau which opens up many opportunities to attack the base. Worst thing is when ur teammates have no idea how to play this map)

2. Islands, the most overrated map ever. Pub usually takes 3 hours to complete it cuz it's a pure stalemate cancer and rather small map. While sneaking is somewhat possible along the shore, it's not great. PUG seems to work more cuz it's 25v25, but again, we have Islands X so why bother with this map?

3. Field X, balanced, fair, many flanking opportunities with tanks. Great map.

4. Lakeside. Again, great map. Tanking is so much fun when u have a great teamwork and perfect encirclement, lots of space for mobility. Possible to get creative with rushes like tranny rushes, inf path rushes, stanks, u name it. 10/10

5. Xmountain. Again, great map with rather easy tanking. The space for moving around isn't as much as Lakeside, but still viable. Encirclement wise it's also great, but rather sometimes annoying. U can also get creative with sneaking (I'm watching u ampax) like going around the rocks and stuff like that (I'm not a sneaker). Inf is sometimes tedious to deal with, especially when you loose it and tanks have major disadvantage. PUG's most picked map for a good reason. Also, trees...

*Personal opinion based on my experiences with these maps*

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Firstly I would like to say that this collection of maps is HEAVILY  weighted towards servers with 64 players.   Not everyone prefers this.  Some of us would very much prefer to have maps that support smaller teams.

   Please consider that maps which are appropriate for smaller population severs are Important to the survival of this game. 


1. Walls  Not my favorite, but I do enjoy the offensive action with the plateau overlooking the base front gate.    This combined with the defensive options the wall provides - yields satisfactory action.   Being able to go around the plateau two ways with vehicles, as well as infantry thru the middle provides enough optional routes to turn the tide.    Clearly Air Power is emphasized and it is rather fun to see rushes transported to the Plateau.   For a map without major defenses, this is still relatively playable for mid sized teams and even kind of playable for small teams.

2. Islands.   What is not to love?   The palm trees, the water elements including the river by the base where so much action happens.   Each base has reasonable targets for both the field and for rushes.  I do not feel locked in on this map for some reason.  Although the island is a bit small for 64 and all the vehicles and that can lead to trapped feelings.   Too small for 64 but Perfect for a moderate size team.    Worthless to small teams.

3. Field X.   Finally a map with Defenses!   Best map enlargement yet.    Great for 64, 48 or even just a few players.   Yeah!         Two field silos to fight over provide good jousting on the field - especially as the outer path can play into the center of the field.   Heck even the tunnel folks can join the field fun via the falls.  Map is so good it can really test your battlefield awareness.  Swivel head  go!  A BIG DEAL to me.    When I cannot just focus ahead - the game is much more interesting.     The new power plant placement  with the long tunnel adds even more options in tunnels. 

4. Lakeside.   While not a map with major defenses,   The hill approach, a busy team and GTs provide sufficient screening against small nonsense rushes.  The field is again very large but due the split into upper and lower it can feel kinda jammy.  At least the river on the sides allows options to work around the enemy, although it seems to favor stank rushes a bit too much.  Your team can  readily get trapped in base, sadly.  Air rushes help break this some.  The forest paths are tons of fun with all the tree cover, and so only a stupid team will not keep an eye on it - which is only one reason this map is not suitable for small teams - As the vehicles and the infantry paths are mostly split from each other there is high chance of minimal teamwork wrecking this map.

5.X Mountain.    When this map first came out, it was pleasing simply because of the new and different overall look.  Even now I find I really enjoy the look of this map.    On the downside it is rather flat.   The field has very little terrain and even the infantry path is just some mild slopes and a few rocks.  Each approach is isolated.  The result is can often feel like fighting in a tunnel even when you are in a vehicle.    For instance the silo path totally separates from the field - so the field is basically two tunnels.    The infantry path is one tunnel that barely connects to the field over the bridge.   This map can feel team trapped as a result.   Not good.   Heavily weighted to favor the use of SBH, but no real GDI advantage to counter that beyond total field domination - that I can see.   Long paths for tanks and infantry =  Another map good for large or medium teams but crap for small teams.

Only 1 map in this list is ideally suitable for small teams........


Executive Summary.   

For big teams I prefer maps where the field action has room to move around and its ok if the infantry are off somewhere else.

For small teams we need maps with decent defenses and where the infantry are not separated from the field.



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I personally very much enjoy maps that have multiple vehicle and/or infantry paths. Walls come to mind, but I find XMountain and Lakeside and FieldX to be the best examples. They offer the right amount of routes to break out of a stalemate. 

Not that much of a fan of Walls, as it usually comes down to which team can be arsed to take and hold plat. Not a fan of islands(X) either, except for the tunnel onslaughts or the fact that you can shove tanks into the water >:D It's a bit too constricted for me, but that's just because I prefer tonking. 

Other than that, I also enjoy maps that just look great visually, like Crash Site or Desolation. 

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