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stealth black hand and weapon crates


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so we all know that in prev renegade the stealth black hand could also get  other weapons. with it being of crate or with weapons being dropt enabled. i get that certain weapons make it a bit to powerfull for an sbh like if they have very good luck but, not them able to pick-up basic weapons that arent so strong or even the advanced repair tool is a bit harsh. so how about giving stealth black hands some basic weapons they can get of crates? i am thinking of these weapons.

advanced repair tool. this would make more sbh's if they have it do some repairs on vehicle's noticed nod is almost never healing there vehicles due to to many players picking the sbh's this would incline them to be usefull. could also make this require the normal repair tool to a possible drop making them invest a bit of credits aswell.

flak cannon its weaker then the grenade launcher so figured this is a good alternative for them to get its also weaker then a shotgun/kinetic shotgun on enemy's with the capability to deal some decent damage to vehicle's.

kinetic shotgun  this is the weakest shotgun out of all of them like come on  regular shotgun vs kinetic the regular shotgun the kinetic shotgun will lose every time. the kinetic shotgun only use it to troll on vehicle's with it because ya can shove couple of vehicles out of the way due to the way it reacts unless the kinetic shotgun would get a buff or something this sound like something an sbh could use because it deals the same damage as a laser rifle per shot anyway in very short range.

twin missile launcher/normal rocket laincher  the locking mechanic of the game alarms the player anyway so not like ya wont alarm the person ya lock on to if ya deem the small bit of damage to much for twin just the normal one will do fine

piercing ion cannon because its weaker then the personal ion cannon and very innacurate so just being able to get this with sbh isent gamebreaking. it dished out in 3 shots hitting ya target 135 damage while personal ion deals about 124 ish. its very very very easy to miss on ya 3 shots because the dam recoil is so much.

the sidearms like revolvers,pistols,heavy pistols,carbine,silenced carbine,some tib pistols(forgot there name) there just alternatives ya can use then ya silenced smg.also its to increase the weapon loot pool for sbh's.

patch hise explosive rifle always forget the name of it thats not to powerfull to use its just something new to sbh's there laser rifle's 

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that sucks why did they even decide to remove alot of weapons of the crate could just buff them up considering there mostly weaker varients of existing weapons unless its that fireblaster thats like a maxed veterancy flame tank typ of dps

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18 hours ago, roweboat said:

they made the game a bit too wacky

well what did they do to make the game a bit to wacky. wasent around that long at most like 10 months right now so missed out alot of good update's like the depleetable machine gun turrets. that got me to renegade x when i noticed new renegade with these buyable turrets. used to always play the orignal renegade last i checkt still had a good bit of people on it on the server where ya could build with a engineers other structure's 

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