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Buying Self Buffs Instead of Command Buffs.


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I think buffs as a mechanic are great fun.   They keep the game active, involve teamwork  and the special effects are always a plus.    But giving these powers to one person - a commander, is not good for the unique teamwork and on field action in Renegade X.


Instead of Command Buffs ~ Allow players to purchase self buffing.  

Either thru money or  Command Points or Veterancy - as long as it correctly regulates the flow the buffs.

Example~    I hear the team is forming a gunner rush.    I can:

1. Buy a Gunner and also get a Defense Buff and an Offense Buff.       ( I invested heavily so this rush is GONNA! work dammit. )

2. Buy a Gunner and just an offense buff.                                   (   I was just in tunnels and it is a wide open path to kill a building)

3.  Just buy a gunner.                                                                                 ( I am not too sure about how well this is gonna work)


In my vision of this concept you would also look different.   Visual cues would enable intuitive game play!     Take  a look at the other gunners.   Oo.. i see they are all getting buff abilities.   Maybe I should do that too.....     Especially on the battlefield, a change to the Character appearance would say to other players A LOT about the intended actions to come.  

Give players more abilities and more voice = more fun.

The details of triggering are a bit tricky.        Maybe you start by turning it active.   Then trigger it to go when the time is right.   Not sure.

Example~    Gunner rush proceeds to the objective.   Upon arrival, instead of opening fire too soon....  .. ....   players  activate offensive buff.   Trigger it to start, FIRE!  - and of course it runs a short amount of time and expires.

One time use i suppose.

Killing a player with these abilities would  mean more benefits like veterancy.




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So I like the idea of other players/another player being able to apply a buff power, I like the idea of there being some sort of squad leader or a person who could use a power instead of depending on the commander coming along and surviving to use it at the right time. I think multiple powers at the same time (one after another) is a broken part of the game and you shouldn't be able to apply more than one power at a time without a cool down of something like a minute as it's too strong and over powering.

Also worth consideration, the enemy team can currently deliberately seek to take down the commander in order to sabotage an incoming rush, so would you communicate which player had purchased a buff ability? Else this could disappear. If there were two different attacks either outgoing or incoming, I'd let smaller groups apply more than one power at the same time, i.e. defenders and active attackers. I figured the whole interface for powers and special abilities needed overhauling as it's too complicated and I don't think commanders should have to worry about adding up different cp figures to determine if this ability combination can work. i.e. if you use a cruise missile at a necessary time, you're immediately penalised on points and can't then form a buff counter attack.

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