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Bug: dying and seeing other team's building from inside


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So I was playing in the [Official] Renegade X - Eu server, as GDI, on Steppe.

What happened was that on a few occasions when I died, I could see the inside of the HoN, before respawning.
At one time I could clearly see they were massing dozas inside, preparing to rush.
I remember this happening a few days ago, on the same server, but I don't remember which map.

Needless to say this felt like cheating - I died somewhere in the field, nowhere close to HoN, and was able to get this valuable intelligence...

It should be emphasized - it didn't happen every single time I got killed, nor did it happen in other maps, but yet - it happened, more than once.

Don't know if you can do anything about it, but I wanted to let you know nonetheless.



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