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Renegade Alphabet


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Greetings Renegaders! 

Been a whilst since i made a post on the forum, so bare with me whilst i ramble on. Looking to do a little project just for the sheer banter and amusement during full lockdown but i need your contribution and help to achieve this. What i am looking for is what you think an alphabet made up of stuff relating to RenegadeX would be (this can be from commands, funny clips, quotes, or just the usernames with there logo)

Example: R is for Renegade X (logo/icon/intro video of renegadex)

Example: N is for noob (video clip of something newbie within renx like blowing yourself up etc)

Example: B is for building needs repaired (perhaps a meme/gif of a building being repaired in game)

Hopefully that explains it a little better. There is no right or wrong answer but a full alphabet would be fun to see what others come up with (if you use videos clips etc, can use provide the links so i can use the parts) 



A is for:

B is for:

C is for:

D is for:

E is for:

F is for:

G is for:

H is for:

I is for:

J is for:

K is for:

L is for:

M is for:

N is for:

O is for:

P is for:

Q is for:

R is for:

S is for:

T is for:

U is for:

V is for:

W is for:

X is for:

Y is for:

Z is for:


Feel free to use the above and post below any help is appreciated :) full credit will be given to the 26 contributions on the project.




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Threw out some random ideas as well as some alternates to them.

B - Building needs repair

C - Countdown imminent

D - Destroy that vehicle

I - Ion Beacon

A - Airstrike

B - Buggy

H - Humvee

H - Havoc

R - Ravashaw

H - Hotwire

P - Power Plant

O - Obelisk of Light

E - Engineer

G - Gunner

(I think the other characters possibly being used for their letters is a given.)

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