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After I finish level 5 in the campaign it takes me back to the main screen, what should I do?

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A very random question yes but I really want to know the answer.

I do understand that this sub is for the modernized fan based version of the game but I wanted to first play the old school version for nostalgia's sake and also because my wifi would take forever to download the entire renegade x file.

Everything in the game works fine (except a lot of the cut scenes, but fine with me) up until i finish the 5th level of the game where when I finish it, it shows me my stats on the level and then goes back to the main screen even though there are up to 12 levels in total. I checked in the files and it shows all the levels as they are but they just don't show in the actual game.

Anyone dealt with the same problem or might have some answer to this?

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The original game had two disks, one of those disks was required to play the cutscenes so perhaps the game for you is too reliant on that one cutscene to rock n roll into the next mission? It should just bring up a "insert disk for cutscene" message though.

Are you playing the game from the disc? Through Origin? 

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