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5.41 what defines good maps for small teams?


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When we played tonight with 6 or 8 players our choices in maps were:

1. canyon



If i may be blunt.   Horrible choices for a server with few players.

We played walls and endured that with no base defenses.... and then our choices were  Either Canyon or Volcano. again NO Base defenses.     !  2 choices??    

I do not understand what makes a good map for small teams cause that sucked.  ??

07 for all the devs... i just dont get it.

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map pools aren't made to adapt for playercount
when server is full (64 players) and there are Under, Field, Volcano, Walls, Under (yea 2 times Under cuz Under is fun and sometimes there are 2 Under in vote map list)
Lolcano Risitas laughs
Walls Risitas laughs intensifies
Field Risitas laughs so loudly that he destroys your ears
at least Under is better with 64 players (pls Risitas shut up)
so.. sometimes server dies only because horrible map choices
and it's really rare to have balanced games, it's horrible to see server dying cuz map pool have no "popular map"

for small teams.. try to play little maps with base defenses like.. eh.. 


uh.. idk
Lakeside? well, it haven't AGT/OB but at least you have turrets and GTs

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