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Start Sunday PUGs earlier?


Start Sunday PUGs earlier?  

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  1. 1. Start Sunday PUGs earlier?

    • Start Sunday PUG 3 hours earlier.
    • Start Sunday PUG 2 hours earlier.
    • Start Sunday PUG 1 hour earlier.
    • No

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13 hours ago, crazfulla said:

Start PUGs at a time I can actually be on to play. Evening UK time = early morning NZ time. Well that's my vote lol.

The poll is only about the Sunday PUG. Sunday PUG right now starts 8 am (08:00) on Monday in New Zealand's time and if it where 2 hours earlier it would start 6 am (06:00) on Monday, so just before most people go to work or school. Unless your Mondays are free... or your vote was to make it earlier.

Saturdays PUG will always stay at the same time.

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Personally I think we should start Sundays PUG 2 hours earlier mainly because it would not end too late for Eastern European time (GMT +2; PUG would start 19:00 [7pm]) and it fits other time zones as well.

In UK the PUG would start 17:00 (GMT 0; 5 pm), most people should be home by then, what else are you going to do on a Sunday.
On the continent of America the PUG would start 11:00 (GMT -6, Central standard time; 11am), not too early and also not in the middle of the day.
For India the PUG would start 22:30 (GMT +5:30; 10:30 pm), better then 00:30.
And for New Zealand as said before it would start 06:00 on Monday (GMT +13; 6am), just enough time to play a round of PUG before work or school.

Only bad timing I see is Japan, the PUG would start there 02:00 (GMT +9; 2am), not that the start time now, 04:00 is much better.

I would like to hear one good reason on a vote of NO on this topic, a good reason will change my mind. This all is assuming that the moderators would even approve of a earlier Sunday PUG.

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2 hours ago, Ryts said:

In UK the PUG would start 17:00 (GMT 0; 5 pm), most people should be home by then, what else are you going to do on a Sunday.


Everyone is aware that i have not participated in pug except the recent mods/devs vs players which was a lot of fun. Mainly because 7pm for me is impossible to make. I don't have the luxury of a "most people will be home by then @ 5pm luxury" That as statement is laughable. I work until perhaps 9pm during autumn/winter and 10/1030pm spring/summer time. An on sunday i tend to work as i don't get weekends off 😆 You seem to be missing the point that not all jobs are 8-4/9-5 in the uk, plus rush hour traffic delays any real progress so getting home from work etc and being ready to go at 5pm uk time for pug (and i speak only for myself in this) even that is too much to ask. Unless of course some people have luxury of early finish jobs.


ps: I was one of the NO voters

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Also, to echo Dave's sentiment,

I am also in a job which doesn't grant me the advantage of being home by 5PM either. I do shift work from 6AM-6PM or 6PM-6AM (depending on the week).

7 PM is barely possible some days (due to traffic) and most of the time, I would not turn up for a sunday PUG because of not having the time to be there for the entirety.

I also have to work weekends, it depends on the week.

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One thing to keep in mind that the PUG times are setup to cover as many players as possible, ranging from western NA to eastern EU. should hopefully be able to join. PUG time on the US west coast for example is 11 AM. Logistically it probably can't be moved back too much more.

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