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Killcam Poll



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  1. 1. Should Killcam stay ?

    • Should stay
    • Should be removed
    • Should stay but modified (pls explain how it should be modified)
    • Should be replaced by a breakdown of how you died IE damage and # of headshots..

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like said roweboat, it could be really interesting, but yea we have many informations on RenX - maybe because a lot of us are probably C&C RTS players, and we looooove informations :D 

about change killcam, i've two differents ideas. i don't know if they are possible - probably not - but maybe, if it is.. :) 
the first is to show enemy player or what killed you ( yourself, a tank, a sniper, etc.. ) to show you where he was - ppl complaining about wallhacks will finally be quiet - and, if it's possible, to allows dead player to Q-spot him - if you're sniped, if dead guy can see where you are he will be able to say to his team where you are, and snipers will be forced to constantly change their fire spots to not be located (like IRL snipers, it's what i like when i snipe)
the second idea is a "flashback", like see three seconds before your death and with - maybe - a slow motion to see exactly what was the shot and where it hit you

thanks for the poll RypeL 😉

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