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I Stand against the Wind.


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I STAND .. Against the Winds

Is this not what battle is ?  

I STAND... against the wind.

 I resist.  I defy

Why?   >i know not

I STAND!  against the wind.  It blows and howls,. it is seemingly unstoppable.  It hurts, it pains, it challenges me but still i push, push into it, push on.  ON! Forward!!

This force is more than i am.    Yet as i resist  and i feel strength growing. I am more than myself.    I resist and i live.

I am beaten back.  Mercilessly beaten.   Without love i am assaulted with hate and  vile abuse.

I stand.

I bow my head to the winds and I Stand.

I may dodge left and right but  ... .  .  I stand.

As I dance i see others in my periphery. Others who Stand.

!!!     Allies   ?  ! yes?!!

I shake at the wind and i Howl at the wind.   I dance and the wind dances.

WE dance!!   !!

The wind is confused.   Left ? Right ?  What the Hell are you  doing???  ??  ?

WE  Dance.    The Battle is ON.

The battle is ON.

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