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low poly bug


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I'm not sure if theres a post about this, but I noticed some weird low poly models appearing on some vehicles and a structure(the minigun/autocannon user controlled turret). Specifically it seems to affect the Minigun models on anything that uses it causing it to appear all messed up, the medium tank cannon barrel and the turret in places have really low poly models with jagged and out of place polygons, and the autocannons with the user controlled turret on some maps appear to be a bit lower detail than they should be.

the game is running on max settings for the most part except for a couple settings(like motion blur for example) and this is a fresh build running the latest patch. Also computer specs are well above recommended(ryzen 7, 24gb 3300 ram, Vega 64). Again, I'm not sure if this has been posted already but I didn't see a topic so I thought I would make a post.

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