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Optimising Settings for Laptop


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Hello everyone!

I´d just like to start out by thanking the Renegade-X team for this beautiful work. I literally found this project a week ago. Growing up, C&C Renegade was one of my all-time favorite games so this last week has been a wonderful nostalgic trip.

Now I´m not super tech savvy, I´m running the game on the only PC i got which is an HP Envy. And I´d just like your opinions on what settings to adjust in-game and possibly on my system itself to get it running as smoothly as possible. At the moment I find that I get blue-screened out of games after about 20 minutes of gameplay. I figure the CPU is getting too hot.

System specs (via dxdiag)
Operating system: Win 10 Home 64-Bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-8565U @ 1.80GHz, ~2.0GHz
System RAM: 16Gb
Integrated Graphics: Intel UHD 620 (Approx total memory 8214mb, display memory 128mb, shared memory 8086mb)
Dedicated Graphics: GeForce MX250 (Approx total memory 12114mb, display memory 4027mb, shared memory 8086mb)

Note: The CPU is undervolted through Throttlestop by 100mV.

Any input would be grately appreciated,


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hello Chili-popcorn ! And welcome ! 😉

So, im not a pro of optimisation, but i think i can help a bit, Try this configuration (If you really REALLY need fps, you can put all details on low, i keep the on medium/high to have decent graphics, but is up to you)



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  • Totem Arts Staff

Make sure to use a cooling pad and/or place it on a flat and easy to ventilate area, like a table. You can also try limiting your FPS to reduce the stress on GPU, but I think the CPU usage is the same no matter what. 

You can also look here for some tweaks that affect NVIDIA GPUs I believe. This might help reduce load as well.

Example of cooling pad


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  • Totem Arts Staff
On 9/20/2019 at 11:19 PM, buttons said:

Your CPU per-core performance isn't very high.

Cough, Intel Core i7-8565U @ 1.80GHz  has a single thread performance of 2339 on CPUbenchmark.net

I'd say 1900 is the minimum viable to play this game, 2500 is recommended and the absolute best on the market is about 2900 at the moment.
AMD FX cpu's score way below 1900 for reference and thus are horrible for this game.

Blue screens are very hard to get nowadays and should not be caused by thermals generally as cpu's and gpu's are programmed to lower their clock-speeds when they get hot, thus self-limiting themselves, unless your cooling is totally broken and your cpu or gpu temperatures exceed 90 degrees celsius, it shouldn't be an issue.

Stability due to overclocking, undervolting or overvolting can be an issue, and can result in blue screens.

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