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Feedback / Suggestions Aug. 8th 2019


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Great work with the new patch!! alot of work went into it and it shows =D

I have some feedback:

1. new AI is amazing in comparison to old AI. Haven't tested level 9, but level 8 is impressive. A group of 4-7 of us can have an AI bot war and it is far more enjoyable than in the past.

2. Snow X - it should be removed.

3. Camera spin showing shooter location is great! - unless it is close quarters, than it becomes a bit nauseating. Perhaps change it only activate a certain amount of meters out? (I'm not sure how distance is measured UDK)

4. Vehicle cam is an awesome addition for entering / exiting. Gives the game a more professional level of polish =D And being able to direct exit location of vehicle is great too!

5. UI SUGGESTION: *Make chat visible while in ESC Menu and while in PT Menu*. I always forget to mention this... but there are countless times when commanding or just general chatting, asking questions, etc. Then missing answers and such, because being busy in the PT menu or donating menu or something. Also maybe enable option to disable chat completely. 

6. I didn't test all TS vehicles but .... Titan. Didn't see that in the patch notes! Love it. =D

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