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yall need to take that talk to forums... cause you killing our battle.


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I left a game today because i could not stand the constant, overwhelming chat between some players about issues that belong in forums.    It had nothing to do with the fight at hand and it entirely destroyed the game play.     Getting a team to organize or work together is hard enough without the distraction of long time players hashing thru issues dominating.  

I  just want to focus on the battle , the fun of the fight and the joys of  plot twists.      No names used on purpose  so we can each search our souls..... . ..   .

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I'm with you. It's important to keep these arguments/debates/etc on the forums. I understand how it's easy for these things to come up, like team stacking, but we should limit our chat in game to actually playing the match. It's really not the time or place to start an argument in the middle of a match. Especially on Under when we're already an hour in and just slugging against each other. 

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I was in that game, me and Snips did ask mutliple times for people to focus on the game.  Unfortunately what I saw was just simply bickering / moaning so we were wary of applying any punishments to the people involved.

For what its worth guys, i'm sorry about how this turned out. I have a firm believe that people are allowed to voice their concerns (good or bad) as long as it isn't breaking our smearing / harassment rule(s).

People are still a little sore over the 'stacking issue' (we've already had this talk so I won't hash it out again) I doubt very much that applying brute force will change anyone minds, or do the community any good. Regardless of what people think of Jpoi -- they are part of this community too.


Direct insults / threats (aka harassment) aimed at another player will be treated as an offense, inside FPI channels. (we define this as: Knowingly sending the user(s) intimidating and/or provoking material i.e. "Fuck you Dan" -- we only enforce action if the other user aka "the victim" asks us to do so, 'jokes' in such a manner are allowed, but not encouraged and will be investigated by us if the 'victim' fails to see the remark as a joke. We allow swearing, but try to tone it down if every word coming out is a cuss then we may ask you to take it down a notch

FPI will continue to try and do (what we feel) is best for the comminity. But lets be clear, this issue won't go away over night and the root cause of this (I feel) comes down to player numbers. Regardless of what FPI or CT do, this issue won't go away until we can fill several servers at once. That does not mean however that I am not going to be in talks with the FPI team about ways we can address it. What we won't do is go around muting / banning people for a bit of whining, make no mistake though if name calling comes into play or it gets nasty we will be forced to step in and ban said people (as per the rules)

Remember if the matches are one sided (see  below) you can request a !modrequest <teamshuffle> and our team will do our best to sort out the teams at the start of the next session.


Re-shuffling - Mods reserve the right to 're-balance' teams after 3 or more sessions have passed of 'bad games' defined under one or more of these conditions; Session ends in 20 mins or less, No back and forth from both teams, Big surge in player lose. Re-balancing can be requested via a !modrequest. 


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