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Map choices should fit team size


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I have posted about this before but after today's  mass quit by players i am back to make the point again.

We need to have map choices that reflect the team sizes.     Big teams?  Big maps.   Small teams?  small maps.   Primarily.

Today it looked like a mass protest movement as players quit the game.   After playing under with little spirit, the mostly full server dumped when the players chose field.


do we need to be saved from our own poor choices?   Maybe.


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I still get tired of how frequently everybody votes for Under or FIeld (especially most of the new players or old returning players) and these maps drain my enthusiasm. I don't mind Field-X as long as it's played as part of a rotation and not every other map. Maps that fit the player count sounds intelligent and a clever thing to do if the programmers know how to program this feature.

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I kind of agree with this but I think the problem isn't the map size but the current 60 player limit that make most maps very chaotic. I'm also very sick of playing the same maps all the time, I just don't get why people want to play field, walls, under and islands over and over again. I've been trying to get back into the game lately but it just seems that I always join a game on field and then keep going to walls and then to field again, that's usually when I quit. Maybe we should have unchangeable map rotation again or a map vote with just two map options.

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