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Project ReSound v0.5 Released! Update log

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Good day! And here came another update from me and HIHIHI for Project ReSound v0.4!

But first, I want to say something very important:

  First of all, I want to thank HIHIHI for helping with the work on the ReSound project. Without it, updates of this kind would never have been realized since the very birth of the project. This man has done a lot for me and this project. I am his great debtor for him and I consider him an important person in the work on the project.
I also want to be happy to announce that soon a test server has been launched with its support and TomUjain mod. Check out the game launcher!

  In the short term, the project is designed only to replace almost ALL of the sound effects of weapons, but in the long term there are plans to:
-Replacement of the sound effects of weapons technology, as well as the work of the engines and movement for each model.
-Add beep! (For almost every single machine, its own unique sound)
-Creation of a separate interface for almost every type of weapon and equipment.
-Redesign of the background menu of the terminal of purchases for each faction
-Reddesign background of the main menu.
-Add decorative content and not only ....

Here is the list of changes:

* Grenadier Grenade Launcher:
-Completely changed the sound of firing from a grenade launcher.

Completely changed the sound of shooting and the effect of the cease-fire.

*Automatic rifle
-Completely replaced the sound of shooting based on the original.

* Marksman Rifle
- Fully replaced shooting sound

* Missile Launcher
-Completely replaced the sound of shooting.
- The sound effects of the missile guidance system are also partially replaced.

*Assault rifle
- Completely replaced the sounds of shooting, including the grenade launcher.

* Volt Rifle
- The effect of the basic mode and alternative fire for the weapon is completely replaced: from charging and firing, until the charge is canceled. These changes do not affect the sounds of shells.

* Railgun
- At the moment, the problem of losing sound effect is still being solved. As soon as there is a solution to the problem, immediately release the patch.

* Personal Ion gun.
-Changed the sound of charging shots.

-I also want to note that the modified weapon models have their own names. Trifle. but nice.

 And the last:

  Even if you like the mod, but you will not leave a response on the forum, we will be glad that you like this modification and you continue to use it. Your support and use of our modification motivates us to continue the development of the project.

Project ReSound V0.4.7z


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Love the VOLT rifle sound effects, grenade launcher and rocket launcher are also very good.
Flame thrower is good but the sound loop is very obvious.
Standard machine gun and sydney ion cannon im not sure which version is better.
Definitely prefer the current sound of patch rifle and marksman rifle over this.

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20 hours ago, They said:

Flame thrower is good but the sound loop is very obvious.
Standard machine gun and sydney ion cannon im not sure which version is better.
Definitely prefer the current sound of patch rifle and marksman rifle over this.

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the Tactical and Marxman rifles, a new update will soon be released for these and other types of weapons. With the ion cannon, I changed only the charging effect and do not plan to change anything else. With a flamethrower and a machine gun, changes will only be in the wake. update, in September: I have not yet found ideas and suitable materials - I concentrated time on other tasks. As I wrote earlier, the following updates will focus only on weapons and improving sound effects for them - your feedback on my updates will let me understand what is best for you and determine the future direction of the project.

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Project ReSound v 0.5 Changelog:

Hello! I apologize for the delay in updating the mod. This problem was to bring the update to mind so that you can fully enjoy the new update, and not its bits. Here is the list of changes:

* Standard pistol and silenced pistol.
Despite the familiarity of sounds, I decided to improve the sound by adding a bit of realism. In a pistol with a silencer I was very annoyed by this strange "knock" when shooting. (Note to the developers: it’s as if people don’t know that you just took the sound from Battlefield 3 and 4 for the original gun sound)
-Changed the sounds of shooting.

* Submachine gun. Standard version and version with silencer.
It was a little more difficult with him, but the result exceeded all expectations, as with a gun.
-Fully replaced the sound of shooting.

* Heavy Pistol.
Although the sound completely satisfied his weapon, it was decided to give it more naturalness in the family of heavy pistols.
-Fully replaced the sound of shooting.

*Carbine. Version with silencer and without. The replacement was made for the same reasons as with a heavy pistol.
-Changed the sounds of shooting.

*Shotgun. Although the sound of weapons pleased me, here I made my opinion on such weapons. This change also applies to the pump.
- Replaced the sound of a shotgun and pump shot.

* Marxman rifle. Despite the lack of resentment over this weapon, I decided to add a little organicity to such a weapon.
-Full replacement sound shooting.

* Officer machine gun. Then I decided to add a mix with a particle from the original game for greater efficiency. I also replaced the sound effect of the rotor of the minigun.
- Replaced the sound of shooting.

* Missile Launcher. After much debate and work, HIHIHI and I finally introduced the additional sound effect of pointing the missile at the target, as it should correspond to the anti-tank rocket launcher with homing in classic games. This feature should have been in version 0.4, but due to some misunderstanding, the update was released only in this version.
-Fully updated sound missile guidance system.
-Added long range shooting effect.

* Flak Cannon. The sound of automatic shotguns and a nail gun was slightly combined. I also decided not to skimp on a separate sound effect for an alternative fire mode.
- Replaced the sounds of shooting both the main and alternative fire.
-The sound of pump charging has also been replaced.

* Chemical spray. A little work on hydraulics and Tiberium gas ... done! The flamethrower turns into a real atomizer!
- Replaced by a new shooting sound. Completely. Time to weed!

* Sniper rifle with silencer. There was no need to suffer for a long time, but nevertheless I created a sound effect based on the old version for the rifle.
-Fully replaced the sound of shooting.

* Tactical rifle. After complaining about the feeling of "shooting with plastic bullets," it was decided to radically replace the sound effect of the shooting so that this would not be observed. Although I previously suggested replacing another update, the freed up time, tea, new editing materials, and inspiration did the trick.
-Fully replaced the sound of shooting a new one.

* Laser machine gun. I did a similar job as with the officer machine gun, but with a slight emphasis on authenticity and slightly added a touch of the original.
- Replaced the sound of shooting and the sounds of starting / stopping trunks

* Gunner Rocket Launcher. I had to torment a lot about this project, because at times I am very limited in resources and time, especially if you make an original sound effect for such an unusual weapon. This is also the reason why the mod’s release was delayed. And I also added an additional sound effect to the rocket animation. Why? Because it's cute, and also, what kind of meaningless animation without sound effect?
- Replaced the sound of fire.
- Added sound effect of rocket charging between firing, both during firing and when reloading.

* Ramjet rifle. Then I made a sound effect based on large-caliber rifles and the Cobra Assault Cannon from the Robocop movie.
-Changed the sound of shooting.

* Repair gun and its variations. Here, instead of making one sound effect on all repair devices, it was decided to make a sound effect for each device so that you can easily distinguish the device by ear. And it's cool!
- All variations of the repair tools: from the repair kit to the improved repair gun, received their own separate sound effect of the weapon. Completely. The problem with the difference in the start / operation of the sound is still being solved.

** I also want to note that the sounds of long-range weapons, among all the changed types of weapons, were also replaced, but this news was not advertised earlier.

*** I also forgot to note that in the last 2 updates the names of the weapons have been changed, which will be done with all the infantry weapons in this update.

**** The Mendoza Tiberium Rifle, Tiberium Cannon and Laser Rifle are not planned to be improved, because in my opinion it corresponds to the required composition in the game, but it all depends on your preferences.

And the last important thing about the development of my project.
Track. Updates for the coming months will be devoted mainly to improving those sound effects that need corrections / quality improvements. After this, the project will move on to the next stage, the details of which you will find out at the beginning of autumn ... ...


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Here are files with a mutator and a server launcher, depending on your preference: Skirmish or to start a server with a mod.


All you need is to extract the archive you need into the game folder and replace the old versions of the files if you used them earlier.

ReSound v0,5 Multiplayer Version.zip

ReSound v0,5 Skirmish Version.zip

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