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Simple 30%/60%/90% speed booster


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey guys I made a simple mutator that boost your speed in tank and character.

Take the .U file into \Renegade X\UDKGame\CookedPC, 
And run the "run-game.bat" file to open a local server and open a client to connect with the mutator.

Use it like this:
In game open command line with F5 ,  and  then type one of the three options:  

- mutate give_30

- mutate give_60

-mutate give_90

Could be useful if you testing large maps to cover an area more quickly when moving with character, or if you want to mess around with friends on the server. 

If you got any questions, mention me on discord (Renegade X, Constructive Tyranny, EKT, Renegade X community)

Dndir_Rx.u run-game.bat

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Guest once upon the time

Hi Kira,

one question: Do you think it would be possible to use this kind of Mutator for our "TeamParadise Server" too?

Main problem what i see is the % much to high for Infantry and vehicles. I am asking not because of the Map Paradise, but we need an Mutator which increase the speed in a balanced way. On the other hand it must be set by Status of the player( Level : for exemple Recruit x % and so on), but not higher than 50% final stage. (or less :) ).

Thx, in advance for your answer.





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