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Radical Plan Zebra!


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Radical Plan Zebra is the code name for a  program to make RenX friendly to new players.

Buckle up. Strange turns ahead.

So... i have always liked the equality of playing in Renegade.    Grab a character and go fight.  Earn some creds and you can buy more stuff.   Win or lose it all scrubs out and we start over again as equals.     I do not wish to abandon that ideal, but the following idea goes against it to some degree.

Could the game be set up so when a BRAND new player comes online, they are only able to do basic stuff, and then as they play... higher level things are opened to them.

Speed of progression would be very fast ... but its more like unlocking branches of a tree than opening levels.    if i like using infantry i start up that ladder.   Maybe i really like using engrs and as i heal i get access to hotwire?    I don't know specifics, maybe it works off vet points?   Maybe one good game could give general access to most everything.


This type of scenario would have several benefits.  Chiefly it would give new players an INVESTMENT in the game.    This Investment is one of the critical factors in player retention is it not?     Make them choose which paths to open first  and you have them.   Make the paths quickly accessible with  no grinding.    Still it will put them on a path of investment.    Secondly it gives new players a reason to watch others and think about what they can do and do well.   More investment.  Choices and then experiences in  the game start to shape a player's view of themselves as valuable.  Investment. 

 ??  Allowing Brand New Players full access to the game is possibly detrimental to their enjoying it??  

 ++  And then of course we have the chance to prevent new players from having Bad mining experiences by slowing their access to it.

My thought is to in NO WAY make players feel inferior to others in a match, but to allow them to quickly try new options....just .. not.. TOO quickly.


Another thoughtful exercise that may or may not bear fruit....       mmm  apple pie.

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