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Tiberian Twilight Mode


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I've heard rumors of a Tiberian Twilight (C&C4) mode thats been in development for a long time. Naturally, the developers are in denial to prevent outcry. I reckon the update will come quick and fast, hopefully slipping past the boomers whose reaction time is comparable to a fat snail.

I think movable bases and dynamic point capture gameplay mixed with the havoc of Renegade X infantry and vehicular combat would really complement each other flawlessly.

Fast paced gameplay has always been in C&C's DNA; but its losing its fanbase - Renegade X needs change.

The gamer community has been slowly shifting away from the typical classic multiplayer PvP experience, and turned to Battle Royale, Mobas and survival game modes that cater to the slowly deteriorating attention span of the new generation of gamers. Dynamic, fast, new. Renegade X is fast, but old. Eventually all the remaining players will conk out or die of old age. The few younger players prey on the old, and they will without a doubt worship this change.

C&C 4 is the best C&C game since Red Alert 2, and the community agrees by a long shot. Adding a mode based on the critically acclaimed Tiberian Twilight would be phenomenal. A calculated move to lure in the newer players who would really give this game a big publicity boost; not the one it deserved, but the one it needed.

I've heard that there are already a few prototype maps in production. If time is an issue, I believe current maps could be adjusted to contour to this game mode, favoured maps like Paradise could make a return.

Think of this as the arrival of Tiberium. Something new and beautiful. Are you to support GDI? Frightened of change and addicted to failing tradition? Or support the Brotherhood of Nod, embracing this evolution with open arms and all the benefits it may bring?

The age of linear base to base combat is over.

The time of the Moba has come.

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Guest once upon the time

Movable Commander Base (Sorry i am only kidding and dont wanna attak anyone). My head is mad I know.🤣



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