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EMP grenades could use a small nerf


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As it is now, EMP's range and short time before activation means it's very difficult to evade an EMP thrown at you with anything but a humm-vee or buggy. The effect of getting hit by an EMP is also very harsh. It feels bad, because often you can't really do anything about that. No matter how good of a tank player you are, too often you can't help getting EMP'd and focused down by enemy team. This results in gunner or LCG spam being very effective, especially on maps with a lot of high ground.

It should be noted that this is more of an issue in PUGs that in public games, because of better target focus in the former.

I suggest reducing the explosion range of EMP grenades a little bit, or adding a second or two of time until the grenade detonates. To counterbalance for this, the EMP strike (commander ability) could use some sort of a buff. I feel like it's the weakest support power right now.

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Somewhat undecided. Long EMP timers are kinda necessary for Nod, as Mammoth TTKs are impractically long to work with if they have repairs. You can sorta make a similar argument for Flame Tanks hugging walls. On the flipside, getting EMP'd as Arty/MRLs is basically a death sentence.

Perhaps a slightly weaker EMP grenade for Gunners/LCGs might be worth dicussing?

On 5/26/2019 at 2:47 PM, Quincy said:

...adding a second or two of time until the grenade detonates.

Dunno about this particular point. Its usually not too difficult to avoid EMPs from infantry that you have sight of since you can usually react before they throw their EMPs - seeing a AT player de-equip their primary weapon for example is a telltale sight of an imminent EMP. Its much harder to react against EMPs thrown out of vision and often this is done by throwing EMPs in a high arc, above player vision. I suspect increasing the EMP timer might increase the range of high-arc throws, inadvertently buffing them.

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