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Changing the map after an early building kill sucks


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Changing the map after an early building kill sucks

For me...  because i just was really into the game and now its yanked out from under me.

I know, i know,   I KNOW!  that players vote to change the map because they fear  " it will kill the server!"..  etc....

But i really hate this mechanic.

I have always enjoyed the immersion this game provides.   But when i play the game right, REally Get Into It  and find a few players who are thinking alike -- and we play HARD to achieve an important objective.....   It really SUCKS to just have that take away.

What this says to me is .. hey!  if you learn how to play well you just get screwed.    It's best you just don't shake things up.. so just play the game in a certain way.


End of vent.   Yall know i love this game and will continue to play it.    Thanks for letting me share my experience.


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Personaly i dont see this as an issue, most of the time the vote doest pass, and in case of a surrender, it mostly doesnt pass too, and if it does then its just for the better since youre on a team that gives up fast instead of actually trying to change the outcome. If the map does change instantly or a insta-surrender vote passes, just look at that match as "k next map"

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