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game freezes when loading server

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9 minutes ago, SonnyX said:

Does skirmish (single-player) work?
If so, have you perhaps installed any software that could block or change your internet behavior in any way?

skirmish mode works fine.

I don't have any software that should be effecting my internet behavior except my anti-virus, and disabling it does not change anything.

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So I restarted my computer (for the first time after resetting the game) and it runs fine now.

Thank you for your prompt and helpful replies! It feels good to know that a game I enjoy so much has good staff behind it.


In case it will help your development team, i will still answer your questions:

1 hour ago, SonnyX said:

Does the game simply crash, freeze or showing some images?
Also could you provide us with the latest log file, this should be inside `UDKGame\Logs`.

the game would freeze, sometimes with a black screen, sometimes a random landscape of the current map, and sometimes with a newly spawned soldier at a purchase terminal. a second or so of sound would be repeating in the background. I can copy and paste one of the log files here if you would like me to.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

No that's fine, it merely reminded me of another bug from a short while ago.
Which could also see a landscape or black screen, in any case knowing that restarting helped, is a help on its own.

For windows based computers I'd suggest restarting on a frequent basis no matter what, software tends to behave worse when you leave it on for a long time.

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