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Crates & Surprise Effects


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Everything that is post-Tiberian Dawn and/or not-buyable, should remain truly a surprise to receive.

Let's suppose for a moment that the total spawn chance of exotic crates is made to about -25% of what it is right now.
And the rest of the crates are more ordinary vehicles like Humvee and buyable tanks, and spy and money crates.

At the same time, rewarded exotic items will be +15% stronger.

You'll be feeling damn lucky! When you get something thát special, and powerful.

And on top of that, others should truly fear you.
Because you're pretty diehard now.


The current situation though, is that now everyone is driving the M.2.
And 'Legendary' characters are pretty common to see aswell.


It's just as with fine cuisine...
Less, is more. Don't saturate the thing.

And another component of this, is more like with money:
If you have little of it, like most of us: That sucks. But if you have a lót of it, then at a certain point it does not make your life better anymore.
Actually, you'll lose your impartiality, and often also your privacy. Should you go >100M, or less, even.

Having surprise-crate chances this high, ruins the genuine-surprise effect on players.
A true surprise feel is introduced, when the chances to get something are low(er), and the rewards high(er).

That's a dopamine kick right there.
That is "awesome" at its finest.


Same with the Tiberium visceroid, if we were to introduce it.

Make it so, that there are "rumors" out there that the visceroid has actually been implemented.
New players aren't even sure if those rumors are true.
And then only after quite a few matches, they're suddenly confronted with this cute hellspawn.

It's pretty strong also. Players really have to make a concerted effort to get rid of the thing.
Either to kill it, or to somehow try to lure it towards the enemy's base.

They're usually unprepared for this, because the phenomenon is Rare enough.
And that can introduce that bit of fun.

Please consider this all!

- DH

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