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10 % off vehicle when you buy at wpns factory...and so on..


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Have we considered making the buildings in our bases a little more unique?

I mean it is great to be able to go into any building and buy anything .. but would it be fun if we allowed each building a slight value in terms of your character being actually in that one as opposed to another?

So if i am in Weapons,  vehicles are 10 % off.   If i am in the Hand, infantry is discounted.  and so on....  

(i ponder the Oblisk, and wonder if a technician discount would break the game... not)

I think one of the BEST elements of this game is the base consisting of multiple buildings with differing effects on game play.

Maybe we could amplify that a bit.

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The only problem with this is getting access to vehicles much earlier than intentional, and makes money crates much more valuable.

Yes, the low end vehicles you have a negligible impact on, but when you start churning out the “very much intentionally” high priced mammoth tanks 150 credits earlier, GDI would have a much stronger force available.

Also 1k units costing 900 is also a huge discount since you skew the balance of the game to be much more high power units at a much lower cost.


Doing this would definitely favour GDI more than Nod as their stuff is generally more expensive. (To balance out their generally more powerful units)

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you raise some very good points.   I have noticed that many discussions revolve around the opening of the game, the flow of credits and how they can be spent.

I guess that was not such a good idea.     I wonder if we could raise the other prices by 5%?     o0

It just seems like the individual buildings could be made to be  a bit more unique in how they are used, not just different in function.

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