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Return to battlefield Bug


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When you change a seat on skirmish it my screen is going gray and he is showing me Return to battlefield! and a timer of 10 seconds and after i die i know how to rsolve the bug you need to enter in you personal purchased car and it will disapear.
It happend to me a lot of time cause after a time idk why the bots remain in base and when i don't have credits i steal my temmates car cause they don't use them please make them push every time with vehicle or without i know the game is beta soo i want to report those glitches/bugs idk how to call them please do somthing cause i play this game from renegade c&c and i loved that game i love this game too cause is a remaster.
And a question Campaign will be placed on game??Or only multiplayer?I hope the campaign will apear in this game too but the campaign from the real game not a fan made.

I hope those little glitches/bugs will be repaird (my english is bad cause i'm from Romania and i love this game i want to make more friend to play it to reviev this tipe of game/gamemode cause it's awsome  gamemode and a awsome gameplay i shared this game to all my friend but they say i don't play out of date games and when i heard that first time i cryed i play a lot of games Rust,Gta V,CS:GO,and more others but this is my favorite game)

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