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[Mod] [Mutator] Creative Mode


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[Mutator] Creative Mode

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This mutator is designed to be a unique gamemode that testers, alternate gameplay players and others may use. Using this mutator on a server that is meant for regular matches to be played is NOT allowed.

Current Features:

  • Set character
  • Give weapon
  • Spawning (summon)
  • Give credits
  • Give VP
  • Fly
  • God mode
  • Destroy defences
  • Lock building HP
  • Display server tick rate and delta time
  • Chat prefix for Admin and Mods

To add this to your server, add ?Mutator=Rx_CreativeMode.Rx_CreativeMode to your server startup. You may then press B to open the menu. You can close the menu using the same buttons.

Potential Future Features:


  • Change move speed
  • Configurable keys


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Version 1.1 is now available.


  • Added more CText messages
  • Added all chat logging for certain commands with a custom prefix
  • Added godmode
  • Added a destroy defenses command (you can NOT undo this, you'll have to restart the match to get them back)
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  • Totem Arts Staff

Version 2.0 is now available.



  • Added completely new UI
  • Changed open UI button to B
    • You can open/exit with B, and also exit the menu with ESC
    • Clicking the infantry list will set you to that infantry class
    • Clicking on the vehicle list will put you in vehicle spawn mode. A white hologram of the specific vehicle will appear, left click to spawn and right click to exit vehicle spawning mode.
    • Clicking on the weapon list will give you that weapon.
    • Clicking on the defence menu will do nothing (yet)
  • Added compatibility for skirmish
  • Random bug fixes

(The UI is not completely done, I just wanted to release a version so everyone can use it, and for skirmish compatibility)

Place all files in UDKGame\CookedPC\ to install.

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