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Borderless Window mode please!


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I have tried literally everything under the sun to make this game run in a borderless window.  I've modified ini's, i've used Borderless Gaming, i've used windows runtime hackers... nothing works.  Unreal engine has really annoying behaviours when it comes to non-fullscreen gaming, such as if the game isn't internally set to have a borderless function in it's settings, any attempt to run in a window at screen resolution will cause it to resize smaller than the screen, and attempts to remove border, will have it instantly re-added as if to taunt.

Unreal is full of nonsensical crap like this and it's really frustrating.

ps: i tried the ini settings for Borderless=True, FullScreenMode=1, and so on, things which should work but don't.

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I remember reading about that, and forgot RenX lets us use the console (another game i was fighting with exact issue didn't).
I tried 

setres 1920x1080wf

for windowed fullscreen, but didn't work, just sized my window oddly and kept border.

All i want is for the game to fill my screen and not be a prick when i alt-tab. (and ofc keep windowed benefits in rendering)

I know it's completely possible, because i played Tera Online for years in borderless mode.

(ps: i also noticed renx crashes a lot when changing resolutions - ex the game starts in some stupid tiny resolution for unknown reason, i try to set it to 1080p and gg crash)

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