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[Tutorial] SDK: Importing Sounds


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Importing sound into the SDK is quite simple. However, there are a few requirements. The sound file you are importing MUST be 16-bit & be a wav file. If your sound file is not 16-bit or a wav file, you can easily convert it using Audacity, which is a free audio editing program. 


To being importing, open the content browser and click import.


The rest is pretty self explanatory, set the package, group name and name.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to set the sound class of the SoundCue after importing. If you do not set a class, it will not be affected by volume sliders in-game. Right click the cue and open the sound cue editor. The class is the first thing. You can find a list of valid sound classes below.



GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('UI', SystemSettingsHandler.UIVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Item', SystemSettingsHandler.ItemVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Vehicle', SystemSettingsHandler.VehicleVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Weapon', SystemSettingsHandler.WeaponVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('SFX', SystemSettingsHandler.SFXVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Character', SystemSettingsHandler.CharacterVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Music', SystemSettingsHandler.MusicVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Announcer', SystemSettingsHandler.AnnouncerVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('MovieVoice', SystemSettingsHandler.MovieVoiceVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('WeaponBulletEffects', SystemSettingsHandler.WeaponBulletEffectsVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('OptionVoice', SystemSettingsHandler.OptionVoiceVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('MovieEffects', SystemSettingsHandler.MovieEffectsVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Ambient', SystemSettingsHandler.AmbientVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('UnGrouped', SystemSettingsHandler.UnGroupedVolume);
GetPC().SetAudioGroupVolume('Voice', SystemSettingsHandler.CharacterVolume);



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