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Keep Purchased Items or Refund Credits


Keep Purchased Items or Refund Credits - Yes or No?  

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  1. 1. Keep Purchased Items or Refund Credits - Yes or No?

    • Yes
    • No

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I like the recoup costs idea.

Maybe not full amount? Maybe have some sort of penality but less than losing a full 1k for a beacon, for example.


Also the ability to recycle vehicles and regain credits would be great =D (like how you could sell tanks on the repair pad in C&C)

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ideally credits would get refunded to an extent when switching to an new class, but only aslong that new class cost is under your current class value in credits. If you are Doza and switch to Tech will get 650$ back. obviously this wouldnt ever work for switching to any of the basic classes, which are free.

If you are Doza and want to switch to Sak/Rave still have to pay the full amount as they are equal credits value. If you are SBH and wanted to switch to LCG you would have to pay the full amount but if that was in reverse order LCG would get 50 credits upon switching to SBH as its cost is 400$ and thus under the value of LCG's price.

as for items there can be an flat 50% refund on both beacon and airstrike. the repair tool itself probably wouldnt have refund.

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Less than 50% refund on character change.  Items doesn't need a refund since it hardly happens. I kinda like how the enemy team is punished if the other team attacks them at the right time (when they don't have engineers around, especially when the base only have people preparing to nuke). The introduction of purchasable repair tools is to allow people with expensive characters still repair their base at a limited rate, that's a lot of pampering already.

But I do love the idea of selling vehicles. On a repair facility or not, sounds good. *n

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