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Airstrike Proposal


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The following is a proposal aimed towards making airstrikes easier to use, more fun, more rewarding and involve more teamwork.

Currently when an airstrike is cast by player no.1 another member of the same team (player no.2) has to wait 60 seconds before they can cast their airstrike. Often this cancels the airstrike player no.2 is trying to perform and they may get killed for nothing as a result and lose the $800 airstrike without casting it.

Therefore the following changes could be made:

·         Airstrikes do not cancel airstrikes of other players. Instead the airstrike is queued and casts on the next available window.

·         Multiple airstrike casts by allies at the same time in the same area results in a stronger airstrike (more damage)

·         Airstrikes should cost more (e.g. $1500) to reduce frequency of use

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Its not quite that simple, the airstrikes are decided on a per map basis because some maps need a strong enforcement of cooldown, and others you don't need quite as long (such as larger maps like Eyes can easily have a shorter cooldown compared to say Walls_Flying)

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