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PIC/Railgun Poll


Method of Making PIC/RailGun More Anti-Vehicle  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Add Spread, or Charge-Delay

    • Minor Delay (Ala LCG)
    • Spread (Ala Snipers)

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Obviously these are the 2 weapons that get the most eyes batted at them nowadays with the fact that they're the only ones that operate 100% like they did in OldRen, and not fitting in at all. 


There was a lot of talking about it, and with patch season coming up I think it's time to finally just up and outright poll which method of nerfing everyone preferred of the two that got the most suggestions. Both are 'fairly' easy to incorporate, and of course they'll probably get some sort of counter-buff to be anti-vehicle. 


Will go with whatever it is on Sunday. 

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