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[Mod] HIMARS Artillery Vehicle


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                                                                                      HIMARS  (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System)



Just got done with a release candidate for one of my tanks.  I now present to you the 1st beta release of said work for servers that wish to add content to there servers.


It is the undisputed king of long-range combat.  

If ignored, it can use its salvo of 12 Shaped Charge Heavy AT missiles to decimate any known ground armor or light aircraft (Orcas, Apaches, Chinooks,etc).  It takes 10 seconds to fully discharge this weapon, so its not instant damage. 

This power does not come without drawbacks:
-It cannot fire at anything that gets remotely close.
-It requires a missile lock to be able to fire with any certainty.
-It is big, and it cannot turn in place.
-Cannot target buildings or infantry directly, as it requires a missile lock to have any kind of accuracy.

despite these drawbacks, no other artillery piece can dish out as much DPM as this can, again, if it is ignored.
Hard counters to this are:  Infantry & Stealth Units

Included in the attached zip file are the class files, & the .upk package.

Will probably release 1 or 2 more patches for this vehicle, but for the most part i consider it ready for live play testing (beta).


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