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[Tutorial] Play Demos


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To watch a demo-record file, first you must get the file from the server owner, or someone who could provide that demo. If you're ingame and see DemoRecSpectator on the bottom of the player list, that means a demo is currently being recorded.


I know that Both CT and FPI record every match -- I can not speak for any other server. If you do not see the DemoRecSpectator on the player list, you need to open your console ("~" or F5) and type "DemoRecord", or ask an admin to start an AdminDemoRecord, as the normal DemoRecord only lasts 5 minutes.

Once you have received the .DEMO file, navigate to your Renegade X installation directory. (Normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X"). Go to the UDKGame folder, once in there, you need to create a folder called "Demos".


Place your newly received .DEMO file in there. I would suggest naming it something easy to remember, as you have to type it in in-game.


I advise that you download this handy tool for watching demos. I think it was supposed to be shipped with the game, but I am not sure. To install this tool, download the zip, and place RenX_RCam_StandAlone.u in your Renegade X\UDKGame\CookedPC\ folder.


Next, you need to go to Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\ and find UDKGame.ini. (Not DefaultUDKGame.ini! If you can not find UDKGame.ini, run your game then close it.) Use CTRL+F to search for "DecalManagerClassPath=". Replace "Engine.DecalManager" with "RenX_RCam_StandAlone.RCamDecalManager". Your line should end up looking exactly like this.


Next, launch your game. Remember that demo file name? Open your console once again ("~" or F5) and type "DemoPlay DemoName". Since I have a file called Islands.demo, I would type "DemoPlay Islands".


You may be met with an error like this:


This would be a missing mutator or UPK package. Obviously, the game can't function without the mutators or packages the servers and clients used. Unfortunately, the demoplayer is not that smart, and won't use the files that you already have. If the demo was very recent, it is possible you have the same version of the mutators/packages it wants. (Keep in mind that you CAN NOT play a demo from a different version of the game.) Let's go to Renegade X\UDKGame\Cache\ to try and find the package the demo player wants. You may have a lot of files in there, or you may have a small amount of them. Open up Cache.ini. It should look like this:


You'll need to find the latest version (or the corresponding version for that time) of the file it wants. In this specific case, it will want both FPI and CPRenXHud. We will need to copy both 8C3D42E54237033CFC2E658F314BA581.uxx and 5F1F729342DA52472AAB048993C05A79.uxx. Once you have copied them, you'll want to rename 8C3D42E54237033CFC2E658F314BA581.uxx (copied) to FPI.u and 5F1F729342DA52472AAB048993C05A79.uxx (copied) to CPRenXHud.upk. Place both of these in Renegade X\UDKGame\CookedPC\. Restart your game, and the demo should start without any messages.


The tool you downloaded also contains a .html that will give you the commands and hotkeys it uses.


As always, if you found anything confusing or have any questions, feel free to comment or message me on Discord.

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Hey guys if you want access to our demos and please note Sarah set the password 100% not me.

Click this link: ftp://demos.fairplayinc.uk:4587/MarathonDemos

If it asks for a Username and password for any reason its FPIDemos n PW is Sarah!<3Goku

If you need help to get access or what not pop on discord and speak to me or Sarah (Faxwy)



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Thx Sarah. Great idea and tutorial.

Btw having the "[spec]DemorecSpectator" in the Playerlist is actually a bug and unintentional. I dont know if people prefer it like this now or if it should be removed.

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  • Totem Arts Staff
49 minutes ago, RypeL said:

Thx Sarah. Great idea and tutorial.

Btw having the "[spec]DemorecSpectator" in the Playerlist is actually a bug and unintentional. I dont know if people prefer it like this now or if it should be removed.

In a way, I like to know that the match is being recorded. But I guess we could just use some command to check that. It might annoy people -- but I like it.

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