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Queue for Full Servers

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Sending people to other servers via a function is certainly doable, and I've used it in commands before. I only see a few problems with this that would need to be resolved. 


1. Communication between normal & queue server: I don't know how the normal server would tell the queue server know when to send someone over. (Though I suppose you could try and use some sort of webserver and have the normal server post to a json via DLLBind with info for the queue server to read via DLLBind. I have yet to see the DLLBind write to a webserver though. However, there would always be a delay between posting and reading, since there's no way for the queue server to know when the json is updated)

2. Someone could connect while someone is travelling between servers, thus disconnecting the travelling player.

3. If someone is sent while the map is changing, they will get disconnected or crash.


I think it is worth one or more of the current communities time to try and put this system into a trial. 

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