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Renegade X Launcher has stopped working


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2 hours ago, iTweek. said:

hey, is that all? or is there more?

Otherwise use admin mode.

That's literally the only log report relevant to the attempted startup. And I've tried using administrator mode, and it fails too.

I've tried reinstalling, repairing the installation, and they've failed too.

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1 hour ago, iTweek. said:



hm interesting
Try downloading and starting.

It looks like there is no connection.

Can you open this?






I downloaded the first link, copied the files. Still did nothing.

Dunno what to do with the second link.

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Discovery: On a hunch, I tried installing Renegade X to an entirely different folder (I was originally installing it to the Program Files (x86) folder), and it started working again.

Which creates a new question: Why is the installation disliking the default directory?

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20 minutes ago, Cronus said:

You probably have an old install of the game, uninstall through windows, and then delete any leftover files/folders,  then download the installer from the Downloads section and that will fix you up for anything in the future.

Can you specify every folder directory that gets installed? I did my best to clean any leftovers, but maybe I missed something.

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On 5/17/2018 at 9:28 PM, yosh56 said:

The Renegade X install in Program Files x86 has a tendency to get lost in bad permissions sometimes. I still have this issue on my desktop from old versions that were Uninstalled a long time ago. 

Would you be able to provide the directory of RenX registry files for regedit please?

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