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Book of Lappen - A cynical but plain [honest] message


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"Book of Lappen"



Renegade X, this whole community is just a gamer project. It's an online fictional spare time holiday paradise.
If you can't grasp that, please stop reading until you riddled the lines above out.

TL;DR - please acknowledge the concept to separate real life from internet fiction. People are here to relax and distract themselves from their busy private lives.


Note: before reading the below text, you should know that this is an answer (riposte || counterstrike) I've been working on for weeks. I've put a lot of thought & consideration into this. I don't intend to hurt anyone. I just want to protect my friends, because we stand up for each other. So please read all of this thoroughly and don't judge before thinking carefully. [A lot of "I's" as only I am responsible for this. :P speaking as a father & friend here. HAHA]

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

This is the "Book of Lappen" - an attempt to settle certain things and a message to certain individuals. For reasons you can figure out yourself I will not name people,
unless I have the right to speak for them.


We all know, that RenX is full of trolls. And I'm certainly one of them. But during the past weeks (months by now) something has shifted, a new abyss has opened to reveal a glitch in the communities harmony. At least for the "squad" I'm blessed to be a part of... Some of you might have noticed, some might just not care.

Team Lappen is a group of friends, we found each other by chance through RenX. But we also play other games together and share real life hobbies, blablabla. Whatever people say about us - we literally don't care too much,as we're just trying to have fun together and meet new, interesting personalities.

So, what's the deal Spider, some of you might ask?

There's a certain individual - won't share his nickname here - who is in my honest opinion the most toxic player RenX has ever seen. Well at least as far as I know... and I just started playing with beta 5.x -> I don't know shit.

Anyway, this person seems to have issues with the concept mentioned in the "Disclaimer" (see above). Interpersonal problems don't just happen all together and I really don't want to share details. To sum it all up: we had to throw that person out of our Team (of friends) for our own reasons. We simply don't want extreme negativity among us.

Nevertheless this person didn't want to let it go. He started to spread lies about all of us, he harassed almost anyone of our team, trying to convince people that we're some kind of Cheater-Scientology (*sarcasm alert*).
All of this... the hatred and the lies, the negativity, the toxic retaliation - this has happened before. Most of the RenX community members have seen this before, some experienced it.

But - and here's the shift / glitch [for my team] - this dude thinks he can just transfer all his hatred into real life, threatening some of my friends on a personal level. And I mean "threats"  - not just trolls (!)¬¬ e.g. doxxing details which were posted somewhere in the depths of the net, which could be used to press charges against one of us, which could - in theory - end up in a real person losing his job due to a mistake.

And this is where all the "fun" and "trolling" stops. This won't happen. Our team of friends won't let this happen. I won't let this happen.

So - dear individual - I am very sure that you will get this message soon. If you don't stop distributing fake information, lies, hate-speech, impersonation related to my friends - I will fire back. And my bombs are all nice, smart and beautiful. Trust me.

We have harvested enough Tiberium to create a beautiful little letter, which solves this (for us) permanently. Thank god we're living in Germany. Blessed be our laws to ensure the intactness, the integrity, the wellbeing of any German citizen.

But - we don't want to go that way. For us - Lappen - RenX is just a game. But we won't let anyone of us getting attacked by some... ignorant person. And threatening to doxx us, was just the most stupid decision ever. 😉



Dear developers, dear global community moderators,
please don't hide, please don't censor this post. I know you have the rights to do this. But I truly believe in the positive aspects of this community. And people have a right to know why certain things happened. As - afaik - a lot of players got caught in the crossfire.
Please don't take actions upon my post. This is intended to be a positive, a constructive answer to some hateful guy. There is no room for any real life... threats in this community.

And even if people have issues with each others (which is most often just some gamer blabla troll rant) - I've experienced that this community stands up for each other. We help each other. Even if we love to shittalk / troll / each other on global chat...

I truly believe in the communities ability to separate between "RenX" and "real life".

Kind regards,


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2 minutes ago, Sarah! said:

I'm sure you could just take this up with developers/global mods privately, instead of making a public post about it. Especially when you threaten X person in the post.

please read the whole text a couple of times again before posting something like this 😕

[no offence meant]

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  • Developer
Just now, DarkSn4ke said:

please read the whole text a couple of times again before posting something like this 😕

[no offence meant]

I mean, I'm pretty well acquainted with the situation and I did read your post. I still don't see how it helps.

I would really like to hear why you think publicizing this helps anything.

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