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[Mod] [Mutator] Keep Credit Tick With Dead Refinery


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[Mutator] Keep Credit Tick With Dead Refinery

This mutator will add a 2 credit per second tick to each team that has their refinery destroyed. The source code is the .uc file, while the compiled and useable file is the .u one.

To use, drop the Rx_Mutator_AlwaysRefCredits.u into the UDKGame\CookedPC\ folder of your Renegade-X installation directory. Then, simply add ?Mutator=Rx_Mutator_AlwaysRefCredits.Rx_Mutator_AlwaysRefCredits to your server startup line.


udk.exe server CNC-Field?Mutator=Rx_Mutator_AlwaysRefCredits.Rx_Mutator_AlwaysRefCredits -log



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