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Flame Trooper inspired PSA for video gamers


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 We all know what I'm talking about. Sometimes in oldRen & RenX we give Flame Troopers and Flame Tanks a silly personality by saying things like "Let's heat up some BBQ" and somebody did say once "I want a BBQ burger" while driving a Flame Tank right into a GDI base. There's also the Flame Tank from Emperor: Battle for Dune with some dialog like "careful, it's hot" among other things involving BBQ. Such food dialog will prompt me to take a break for a meal or a minor snack if it's coincidentally about that time. So anyways, when playing video games (or really anything on the computer for extended duration) be sure to take periodic breaks. Come to your kitchen, we got cookies among several other treats and food (drink up too!)! :D Now that's the best break idea, certainly up a Flame Trooper's alley. xD But yeah, do take proper breaks for the bathroom and consume water, you really should. Eye breaks are a concern too, be sure to chill out with a window and gaze into the distance (for about 15 minutes if necessary)if you ever feel your eyes are bugging out. Stretch from time to time as well. Thank goodness for the food acknowledgement in some video games, it possibly reminds people to take breaks for meals & snacks.

 Most often, video gamers know when to take breaks anyways, this is not an issue for most people. For some however, it can be a problem. I'm not sure about some oldRen players, as a few people did say they played 10+ hour marathon matches (but no specification if they took breaks or not). There are a few extreme examples. Back in 2012 there was a League of Legends player in Taiwan at an Internet Café who rented a 23 hour block of time at a computer; when his time was up somebody came to tell him but found him dead at the computer due to lack of breaks (he likely took no time away from the computer) and health. There are other similar cases like that. Also sort of a similar note is that an 18-year-old named Chuang rented a private room in an Internet Café. He played Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight without taking any breaks for food or rest. An employee checked on him after noticing Chuang resting on the table. After being woken up, he stood up for a few seconds and took a few steps before collapsing on the ground and dying. I doubt the absence of breaks is an issue for the RenX community, but this is certainly something significant to tell you about.

 Video games have been known to ruin lives in some cases where it's an uncontrolled addiction. I vaguely remember several years ago some point after World of Warcraft came out, there was a news story about how a man played WoW for several hours on end while neglecting to care for his wife, children, and the dog (he simply ignored them all). The wife had to make ends meet and care for the house, children and the pet. I forget how the story ended but I think the man eventually got his life back on track. Other instances are not so good. Some cases are so bad, the gamer broke up with the spouse and even lost the home. So make sure not to play games for too long; let your real life duties take priority over recreation. And remember, breaks are the key to good health while video gaming. Cheers!

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Unless they plan to farm leaderboard points or play with bots, I doubt someone would play Ren X for 24 hr straight, especially nowadays, because there are not enough players from different timezones to keep a single server constantly well populated.

Also, talking about achievements, Ren X has none, unlike the typical MMO games which determined (also known as "no-life") players grind for the end game gear in order to wage their guild wars, boss raids or whatnot... 

Sure, players can farm building kills in Ren X until them become number one in the leaderboard, but that does not award them anything or make them stronger in game, while players farming towards the leads in MMOs are often awarded with the best gear or have attained the best gear in order to become number one, and thus they can brag about it, be at the center of the attention, or simply indulge themselves in genocidal player killing, depending on the game and the player.


As for a personal story, I can somewhat relate - I was once one of those no-life gamers who spent every day on the same game in order to become OP, and I pretty much went on a diet, skipping breakfast everyday and eating less in general. But then the game's servers permanently shut down (basically the game "died", as devs stopped updating it), and every effort I made (and real money I spent) to become OP got canned. At thit s point I moved toward another online game and sought for OPness just as the prior game, but some decisions by the devs pissed me off and after that day I started to have a life once again. No regrets about my past you ask me, I definitely had my fun.

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