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Test Servers Bugged-


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With both the T.O. server and CT Map Testing server I get the same 'textField' error and constantly booted off the server.

Let me get one thing clear, I have reinstalled Renegade X - That is to say I have uninstalled RenX via control panel Add/Remove programs and then deleted what was left behind and then reinstalled Renegade X.

So the issue is with the test servers only and I have no idea what the problem is or how to identify what is causing this issue.

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2 hours ago, Fffreak9999 said:

When I get a chance, I'll look at the set-up on the server, what map appears to be causing this issue?

I really don't think it is a map-related issue but a server files issue instead.

Perhaps a mutator file version mismatch? Are all serverside files (non-map specific files) up to date in the global downloader?

Doesn't matter what map it is the same error occurs.

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Guest Gliven

My game freezes without an error message when trying to load Frostbite on Try-out's server. But loading his second server with Tomb works perfectly fine.

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6 minutes ago, Luhrian said:

I think there is an issue with an ingame downloader, if you have some files missing, it isn't downloading them correctly.

This is why I think there is a version mismatch somewhere, the global download platform must have a file version different than the one on the servers?


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