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Unknown Animations?


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This is just a quick blurb but I'm on eyes atm trying to find glitches... and I just discovered while I was exiting the apache right at GDI base next to a particular rock wall I literally fall out of the apache, hit the ground like a belly flop(splat!!) (now I've got Godmode on right now too) I raise up, rub my head, look around, and get back up to fight again.  But the animation is very precise to exactly that like I push myself up I don't know any other way to describe it

I can't post a video of it I don't know how but has anyone else discovered little odd things like this? 

For some reason I can't screenshot it either.  I get a black renx 32bit black screen.

Also I get a 3rd person glitch where I only see my gun and arms.  I am a rifle soldier too.  So ya I did find a glitch!!

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