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Camouflage/different skins for infantry


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Now that vehicles have some really nice skins, would it be possible to have different camouflage options for infantry? I really liked how you in the original game were able to choose for example snow or desert camouflage for Havoc. To be able to choose forest/snow/desert clothing for infantry would be really cool.

I think that at least sniper units should be able to blend in better in the terrain. Right now it's a bit strange that Nod snipers wear those big red suits in snowy maps. I'm not sure however if all infantry could have camouflage because it would become difficult for players to see the difference between GDI and Nod in a distance. What do you think?

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Guess it would be more difficult to reskin infantry as some of the classes (esp Tier1/2) are only identified by the material/colorscheme.

Nonetheless would be cool to see infantry camo match with tank camo - or conversely allow a skin choice for vehicles, leaving the default colours  (gold/red) for both teams on all maps.

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