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Multi screen issue's and low fps


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Hi everyone,

i used to play renegade-x , bout half a year ago, with all on +- highest settings and i would easily get around 55 fps if i recall correctly(i still recall it being low to my preferences because i expected to get atleast a solid 60 fps all the time). my pc was way worse back then, first generation I5-760 i think and a gtx 670.
Now i want to play again but i can't even keep 30 fps. even drops to 15 alot and lowest is 8 or 9 fps. even on low quality. My new gaming pc has a GTX 970 , i7-6700K (skylake) and 16 gb DDR4.

Also i have 2 monitors and my tv hooked on my pc. This wasn't the case also half a year ago when i had a single monitor. i can't seem to use the windows key+shift+directional key to switch renegade-x to my tv. is this possible or do i need to search a third party program in the hopes of getting this to work?

Sorry if these problems have been adressed before but i couldn't find a solution anywhere.



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Hmm, maybe something is wrong on a driver level or with your temperatures, even my 960 doesnt struggle at all with Ultra settings....

(Do other games run as fast as intended? - Possibly your onboard graphics are used?)

AFAIK, most 3D games dont support switching to another screen mid games...

although you could try setting windowed mode, or setting your TV as your primary screen before starting ren x

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Fullscreen games tend to be limited to the primary monitor (primary output). You can move windowed games to another monitors at some performance cost though. If you set the window to borderless, it would look just fine but udk3 don't offer this. You just have to switch the primary monitor setting in windows - no 3rd party app needed for this.

i7-980EE + 12 GB RAM + GTX480 = stable 60 fps (high-settings, unless Agent is doing this nuke thing :P)

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well i haven't tried allot of games yet(mostly emulators) since i only have the tv active for about a week now. might be because i had to put my primary screen in the onboard hdmi for 3 screens to work properly. otherwise i'm not able to put the sound output on my tv screen. will try to screw around with primary screen etc. hope i can fix the fact that my primary screen uses the onboard only because this could become a big issue for me personally. thx for the info guys

edit: yup, you guys where 100% right. got it configured and i get 90 fps stable. guess i got to buy me a display port cable and hope i didn't break the port when i tried to put a hdmi cable in it for like 10 times :P

thx all

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