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Giving GDI Mech WASD movement?


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Hey, I have a small question about the GDI Titan:


How hard would it be to give the GDI Titan mech WASD movement? For example rather than the legs turning slowly they turn fast towards the direction of the key pressed (similar to how the player moves).

Any tips would be appreciated, I'm still messing around with unrealscript haha.

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This would be cool. They would handle sooo much easier! You are from Toronto right? How about if i bribe you with food or alcohol....or both! Im from the east end of the gta 

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4 hours ago, Madkill40 said:

A to rotate legs anti-clockwise,

D to rotate legs clockwise,

W to move legs forward,

D to move legs backward.


Something like that? 


Wolverine should be the same, because legs.


Let us know how your unrealscript'ing becomes.

Yeah pretty much something like that, it only moves in the direction of the key rather than rotating the legs around continuously.

It's a proven movement method for mech games, see the 'Mech Assault' series on Xbox. Very arcade-like movement which could make mechs less tedious.

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9 hours ago, Havoc89 said:

It's certainly doable, and I did have some success with it at one point, but its heavier on animation requirements, but also requires a bit of code work to get a custom vehicle type to handle like character movements.

Ooooh, would you be willing to share your progress / scripts with us for that? I'd like to see how you implemented it so I can get an idea of where to start looking.

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