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Server hosting issues


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Hello all,

First off, let me say this is an amazing project! I was trying to set up the original game for an upcoming LAN, gave up, and then remembered this and trying to get it going!

All I've downloaded was the Renegade-X#Open-Beta-5.24#.rar 6 GB multiplayer package.

I can host the server on a powerful machine, I can connect and play and everything from that respect is running great.

However, during startup, there are many errors and warnings and things in the console, even though the server appears to be running fine.. is that normal?

Some examples:

[0011.97] Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Class None.': Failed to find object 'Class None.'
[0011.97] Warning: Warning, Failed to find object 'Class None.'
[0022.05] DevPhysics: Error (1) in file ..\..\Physics\src\NpActor.cpp, line 248: Actor::setAngularDamping: Actor must be dynamic!
[0022.12] ScriptWarning: Accessed array 'ProviderList' out of bounds (20/20)
       Rx_Game CNC-Walls_Flying.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Rx_Game_0
       Function RenX_Game.Rx_Game:SetupMapDataList:0074
[0022.26] Buildings: CRITICAL ERROR: Could not spawn  Rx_BuildingAttachment_Glass_AirTower At -9816.10,-7644.68,316.48 With a Rotation of 0,-16384,0
[0022.78] Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Transient': Can't find file 'Transient'

Are those all ok? Again, the game seems to run fine, but there are lots of those types of messages when the server is coming up.

Lastly, the harvester will sometimes get stuck trying to drop off collected resources, and the console will spam a bunch of errors, don't have them copied at the moment.. is that a known issue? Is there a resolution or anything I can do about that?

Thank you for this awesome game!

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