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Idea: APC that heals passengers


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I had an idea when playing Under today. The game really shines when infantry and vehicles fight together on the battlefield, with tanks shooting, techs and hotties repairing, and misc infantry protecting, flanking and providing sniper cover. What would help this kind of gameplay would be a vehicle that heals it's passengers rapidly (like, 0-100 health in 15 seconds). The APC would be ideal since it's generally outmatched once proper tanks and artillery rule the field, so it would be a distinct advantage to have it on the frontline so injured infantry can quickly hop in to resupply. It also would make games where once side has lost WF/Strip less tedious and campy since infantry attacks over the field route (as opposed to the infantry path) become more manageable since APC can still be bought. APCs of all sorts commonly have command and ambulance variants so it'S not unrealistic. Maybe even let infantry get ammo from APC? I hate fighting as moebius or patch on the field and then having to run all the way back to base to resupply.


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